Want to get fitter? Join a fun – and free – fitness group weekday mornings at Kent Ridge Park. Suitable for all ages & fitness levels.


Jubilant Fitness - a name coined by the group leader, Daniel Tang, for the group at Kent Ridge Park. The group has been meeting regularly to exercise since 2001. Each weekday morning from 7.15-8.15am, people from all walks of life meet at the top of Kent Ridge Park – near the tank – to enjoy a short warm- up session followed by a round of routine exercise from head to toe. No membership fees are needed to enjoy the benefits of keeping fit.
As Daniel says: "Your health will deteriorate without exercise.” Having gone through two kidney transplants, Daniel decided to start a regime of exercise to improve his health. He was prompted by the realization of the value of keeping fit in a holistic way, that is, both physically and spiritually. He chose Kent Ridge Park where the air is fresh and the ambience is tranquil for his daily regime. It wasn’t long before people started joining him and thus the group was formed.
Feel free to join in and make new friends! Mondays through Fridays from 7.15 to 8.15am – you’ll live healthier lives!

Attractions in Pasir Panjang

Pasir Panjang as a residential area offers a unique environment that has a variety of attractions. These include a large  park land in Kent Ridge,  Haw Par Villa, historical sites like the Bukit Chandu battle site & interpretive centre (a kind of mini museum), plus pubs, golf clubs and even a marina within a 5 – 10 km radius of the area.

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Clementi Woods


Situated along Clementi Road, this park provides a natural and green break for residents around that area.  Well laid out with a walking/running track at the tail end of a ridge stretching from Mount Faber across Kent Ridge to this location, it is ideal for an evening jog or a stroll after dinner. A restaurant is also situated at the top of the park for the convenience of a meal and stroll straight after.



HortPark is a one-stop gardening hub that brings together gardening-related, educational, research and retail activitles under one big canopy in a park setting. It is a knowledge hub for plants and gardening...

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Kent Ridge Park


This hilltop park can be accessed either via South Buona Vista Road or Pepys Road. Only a small part of the park however is developed to protect the natural and diverse fauna and flora. Perhaps because of this, it is an ideal spot for bird watchers and nature lovers. For the physically inclined, this park presents steep steps and a 1.1km running track along the slope of the hill that provides an interesting challenge in endurance.

Labrador Park


This park is off the beaten track but is definitely worth a visit. Fronting the sea facing Sentosa, the resort island is within view of users of the park as is the waterways frequented by ferries and ships using the World Trade Center harbour facilities. Visitors are sometimes rewarded by being able to catch a close up view of a luxury ocean liner making its way into the open sea.

Exercise stations are also available for the fitness minded, as is a wooden maze to amuse the kids. The wooded area behind the park is also well preserved to provide a beautifully green backdrop and tropical island setting. 

Mountain Bike Trail


We have our own challenging mountain bike trail right nearby. It is not over-long, and not especially technical - but according to those who've ridden it, its fast and challenging. The more adventurous can connect this with other trails and quiet roads, for almost-uninterrupted riding all the way from Clementi Woods to Mount Faber.

West Coast Park
Situated along West Coast Highway, it used to be a one of the most scenic seaside parks in Singapore. Smaller but less crowded, the sea beside it was reclaimed to extend PSA’s container port. This place was however re-developed to provide a large children’s adventure playground, barbecue pits, cycling and running tracks, bird sanctuary areas plus enough of open grass fields for a few football games. There is even an artificial beach (actually a huge sand pit) to remind us of its pre-development days. An ideal spot for family activities and picnics.

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Haw Par Villa

Tourist literature introduces this place as the philanthropic work of Aw Boon Haw, original owner of Tiger Balm brand of medicinal balm products which built the Haw Par group of companies. Its gardens featuring statues & figurines from Chinese folklore was a local attraction from the early post-war period and much of the 70’s. In the early 1990’S the Singapore Tourist Promotion Board earmarked it to be developed into a theme park. Fraser & Neave took it over, developed and operated it for a few years. It has recently converted to a night entertainment and dining spot.

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Bukit Chandu Interpretative Centre


This was the former residence of British Colonial civil servants. The Centre was set up to commemorate the bravery of the Malay Vigilante Regiment that defended Bukit Chandu (old name for Kent Ridge) against the Japanese. According to historical records, the whole regiment was fought to the last man. The Centre is set up by the Singapore Heritage Board.

"Imagine, and all these exciting stories and events are just behind some of our houses in Pepys Hill Condo, Flynn Park, Island View  and Springwood, all a mere stone throw away!"

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Keppel Club

10, Bukit Chermin Road
Tel: 6273 5522

Republic of Singapore Yacht Club

52, West Coast Ferry Road
Tel: 6768 9201

Temasek Club

1 Portsdown Road
Tel: 6475 2309

National University of Singapore Society

9 Kent Ridge Drive
Tel: 6779 1811

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Nightlife - List of recreational locations

Pasir Panjang as a residential area offers a unique environment that offers a variety of activities. These include a large tract of park land in Kent Ridge, tourist attractions like Haw Par Villa, historical sites like the Bukit Chandu battle site & interpretive centre (a kind of mini museum), plus pubs, golf clubs and even a marina within a 5 – 10 km radius of the area.

Pasir Panjang Village

A centrally located activity center at the junction of South Buona Vista Road, Pasir Panjang and West Coast Highway. A variety of restaurants and pubs are found in this little gathering of refurbished pre-war shop houses, next to a smallish shopping centre. Evenings will typically find a regular crowd of revelers sitting in the open-air courtyard enjoying the night breeze, club like atmosphere and conversation. By day, this would be the place to do your grocery shopping in the well stocked specialty supermarket and fresh sashimi shop within the shopping centre.

Gillman Village


The buildings were from an erstwhile British army camp, with some pre-war buildings still with five foot thick walls. This place is converted into a collection of furniture shops by day. The lone bar in the area(aptly named the ‘handle-bar’) springs into life at night. Designed as a biker’s watering hole (and just as aptly used as one), the few neighboring restaurants form an isolated cluster for those looking for something quiet and different.

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Row of Shop Houses Along Clementi Road
(Nasi Lemak/Roti Prata)

A gathering place for a late night “teh tarik” and roti prata, this is a popular haunt for university undergraduates living on campus in the nearby National University. Also features a specialty “Nasi Lemak” shop. Be forewarned however that the parking situation is both haphazard and hazardous with double parking the norm. Patrons are advised to look for a car park a short walk away, or park at the opposite side of the road.

Pasir Panjang Hawker Centre

Usually crowded at nights irrespective of the day of the week, this place started off as a gathering place for port workers for them to enjoy a beer after a hot day in the sun. The satay here was also famous in the early days of the hawker centre. Was further popularized when a stall serving cockles and cuttlefish saw potential in the increasing crowd and converted to serve a full seafood fare. Other popular stalls (some further publicized through food review articles and television programs) keep this place well patronized. Be warned however that parking spaces are limited, and is definitely a challenge.


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